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Complete Real Estate Wholesaling Training Program


Business in a Box is the process we created to build a multi-million dollar wholesaling business in less than 3 years. Business in a Box is the culmination of all the lessons we’ve learned, all the methods, strategies, techniques, and tactics we currently employ in our own company. We’ve distilled them down into an easy-to-learn program that anybody can use to master the elements of wholesaling. With Business in a Box we are giving you our business model on a silver platter – it is a carbon copy of our own real estate wholesaling business, ready to implement.

  • This is not more abstract theory that you have to figure out how to apply to your business.
  • This is not a motivational speech where the hype fades like a new years resolution
  • This is not another conference or masterminds.
  • This is a turn-key $4m a year business model that can sustain your entire career if you commit to implementing it. 

If you are currently a wholesaler doing less than 20 deals per month, or you want to build a monster wholesaling business alongside your traditional real estate practice, Business in a Box is for you.

Business in a Box is your step-by-step action plan that will give you a road map to transform your business and build your future.

What’s Included in the Business in a Box program:

  • 10 training classes conducted with your instructors and classmates over Zoom;
  • A document library including everything we use to run our business from contracts to scripts, calculators and more.
  • Hand-held, guided instruction on how to set up your systems like ours
  • Free Access to Deal Club during the course period

Is Business in a Box for You?

The short answer is YES! 
Business in a Box is for anyone who wants to overcome the hurdles keeping them from generating multiple six figures in assignment fees every month.

It took us years to figure out these strategies and processes – with lots of mistakes along the way – that allow us to do multiple millions per year in assignment fees. Business in a Box is your express ticket to skip the line and get everything we learned along the way.

Gain the knowledge and tools that we use in our business every day in an easily implementable format.

It’s a simple step-by-step training that gives you everything you need to elevate your wholesaling business and become a power player in your market.

The training classes are conducted live over Zoom, but no worries if you cannot make it. You will get access to the recordings within 24 hours and can always go back and watch later.

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Business in a Box Changes Everything

The Business in a Box Elite Wholesaling Training Program will give you everything you need to dominate your market. 

This comprehensive program is the equivalent of two full one-on-one days with us and your team but at a fraction of the cost of what we charge for in-person office coaching visits. 

Business in a Box is your road map to deal flow and profits.

Whether you’ve been in the business for a decade or are brand new, this program will give you the information you need to take massive action and change your business and improve your life.