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Within the 1KFLIPS community, we refer to those who hit this magic transaction number as “thousand-aires,” and hope that you’ll be one of the next to achieve this milestone. 

Becoming a thousandaire can take a few years, but can also be achieved more quickly with a relentless attitude and drive for success. The power is in your hands- we supply the tools.

Meet the 1KFLIPS Team

Kevin Link

Kevin is a co-founder and owner of 1000Flips. In 2017, he started and built 4 Brothers Buy Houses, a DC-based real estate investment firm that employs 25 people and grosses more than $5 million annually. Prior to his career in real estate, Kevin was a practicing attorney with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), where he investigated securities-based financial fraud. Kevin has a passion for coaching and training. In addition to developing and implementing the sales curriculum and 4 Brothers Buy Houses, he continues to manage the sales team and still conducts seller appointments to stay current and sharp. In his spare time, Kevin coaches the securities moot court team (appellate argument) at the Columbus School of Law in Washington, DC.

Daniel MacDonald

Daniel MacDonald is a real estate investor and licensed real estate agent. He’s also the co-founder of The MacDonald/Becker Real Estate Team, TTR Sotheby’s International Realty’s leading group in Arlington, VA. He has been involved in more than 1,000 real estate transactions and has procured hundreds of off-market investment properties for clients, investors, and developers, resulting in eight figures worth of profits for investors. Beyond his business, Daniel is passionate about helping agents, teams, and investors achieve consistent cash flow and outsized margins.


At 1000Flips we believe real estate investing can be conducted profitably AND ethically while providing real value and convenience to sellers. Below is the Code of Ethics that guides our company in every transaction we do – we share it here in hopes of promoting good business practices throughout our industry. 

Standard of Practice 1:
Investors must always make clear to Sellers, upon having substantive conversations about a potential transaction, that they are in the transaction to make a profit and their offer will likely be LOWER than market value. 

Standard of Practice 2:
Investors shall never represent to a Seller that they are providing real estate advice. In fact, the only advice they may provide is to recommend that the Seller seek third party professional advice, such as a Realtor or Real Estate Attorney, before agreeing to consummate a contract with the investor purchaser. 

Standard of Practice 3:
Investors shall make clear that their offer is not an appraisal or CMA. 

Standard of Practice 4:
Investors shall not complete contractual paperwork with any Seller who does not understand and agree to the above. 

Standard of Practice 5:
Investors shall provide the above disclosures in writing, in advance of consummating a contract, and must give the Seller sufficient time to review. 

Standard of Practice 6:
ALL contractual terms must be clearly explained to Seller, and understood by Seller, before completing a contract. 

Standard of Practice 7:
Earnest Money Deposits commensurate with local norms are to be used as a minimum amount. 

Standard of Practice 8:
Investors shall not complete contracts with Sellers where the investor does not have the capability of completing the closing. 

Standard of Practice 9:
Seller situations are personal and private and shall be treated with deference.