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Do you have a contract or a lead on a property in the DMV?

We run one of the largest wholesaling outfits in the region and frequently JV with other investors to get their leads signed up or their contracts sold.

I have a seller lead
I have a contract

WOW! I am impressed! This guy is a hacker [email protected] he is good.

- Joseph S.

I received a text from Jon in regards to off market deals, I was a little hesitant as I had not had the experience in working with Four Brothers Buy Houses yet. However, after speaking with Kevin, he made an offer and went under contract with the seller. Kevin and Kim were able to handle everything clear to closing. It was a great experience and I hope that we can do future business together

- Howard S. (realtor)

I am impressed! I am usually on the buying end with Four Brothers Buy Houses but I became too busy with the amount of projects I had going on and decided to sell one of my properties that I hadn’t started working on yet. Four Brothers quickly and promptly got to work marketing the property, and seamlessly coordinated a quick and easy sale for my property.

- Ken D.

Everyone is busy, especially entrepreneurs who are also still working their W2 jobs. My business was basically not moving forward because I did not have the time to make calls to potential sellers. I was hesitant at first to partner with Four Brothers Buys Houses. I am so glad that I did.

- Carnella S

I brought over a deal Lanham that I wasn’t sure I would be able to find a buyer at the price I needed. Kevin was able to help me get my deal closed and I made more money than I would have on my own. If I ever run into a deal like that again, I would be sure to bring it back to Jon and Kevin.

- Alex K.

Earlier this year, I was able to start receiving guidance from Kevin in regards to leads and deals …I decided to pass off one of my leads … they were able to close it and sell it to their list of buyers. I didn’t have to do any of the leg work and I got paid. This is a learning experience… help my business grow

- Sky D.

I had a good deal in District Heights but did not have the right buyer for the deal. I was able to partner with Four Brothers Buy Houses, and use their buyers list to sell my deal. I made more money than if I would have done it on my own, and I had such a great experience, I plan on doing future deals with them. Kevin made the process easy for me.

- Pete H.

Reached out to 4brothers to see if they could help me close more deals. Kevin went with me on one of my seller appointments, closed the deal, and then got it sold for a good price, even with the COVID-19 mess going on. Once the deal was under contract with the end buyer, Kim and Kevin handled everything and I got paid. Since then, I’ve brought additional leads to Kevin and we now have two more deals under contract. This is a relationship that’s helping me learn and grow my business and I look forward to doing a bunch of deals in the future.

- Ronnie I.

I had been working on this deal for months but I did not think I was going to be able to sell it. After seeing Jon’s post of facebook, I reached out to 4 Brothers and they were able to assist me in the whole transaction. They gave me a quote on what price I needed to get the deal under contract at, and once the deal was locked up the 4 Brothers Team took it from there. I was kept informed through the entire process, and got paid when they sold my deal. I am very happy with my experience and plan to use them for future deals.

- Arlo C.